Turn an iPhone into a radio studio:  Report-IT

Turn an iPhone into a radio studio: Report-IT

KPBS Television and Radio

This technology allows reporters to use their iPhone as a highly portable, remote broadcast unit for capturing and transmitting live, high quality audio for radio broadcast.  We can bring comments and sound from the scene of a breaking news event, from a political debate or community event in the field.  Instead of having a correspondent calling from Sacramento on a crackly phone line giving us political analysis, we will have studio quality sound instead, which makes the best use of radio as an intimate medium.  

Reporters may download the Report-IT Live application onto their iPhone from the App Store™ and with one-touch connect to a Tieline IP audio codec at the studio using either 3G cellular wireless or Wi-Fi.  We anticipate that this capability would be most crucial during a crisis such as when KPBS was on the scene in Calexico after the Easter earthquake, or out covering the wildfires in our region.

It will cost $5,000 for 10 licenses.


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