Public Media Station Training:  Pilot Boot Camp

Public Media Station Training: Pilot Boot Camp

KPBS Television and Radio

In the world of Public Media KPBS is seen as a leader and innovator in the area of convergence. Because of this, many public media entities have been approaching the station for advice.  We have been very transparent about our work and have been willing to host for two days of meetings and information sharing.  This process, however, has created a strain on management staff who are taking time out of their very busy schedules to talk, meet and even create documents to help.

KPBS is proposing a convergence ‘boot camp’ where public media organizations are invited to attend, for a fee, a two-day intensive training.  The topics will include content convergence strategies gleaned from our own experience in multi-platform journalism, as well as sessions specifically for management on tactics to successfully handle change management.  KPBS would use partnerships with learning institutes such as San Diego State University and the University of San Diego to bring in professors specializing in non-profit management.  Materials would be created and offered to attendees that will greatly assist them in creating their own strategic plans and guidelines for change.

Fees will be determined on a sliding scale based on station size and budget with the overarching goal to keep them as affordable as possible to help stations learn techniques and adapt to the changing media environment.

Outside funding of $40,000 will help cover the expenses incurred in planning and operations of the event. (Attendees can then focus on using funds for travel expenses and allow them to send more representatives if the registration fee is reasonable.)


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