Provide Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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Provide Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

International Medical Corps

Currently, 894 million people lack access to enough fresh water for their basic daily needs. Another 2.5 billion people – one billion of whom are children – live without even basic sanitation. Without clean water and sanitation, millions die every year from preventable waterborne diseases.

International Medical Corps incorporates water and sanitation into its community-based programs so that public health is not only possible, but sustainable. We build wells, latrines, and large-scale water treatment and waste management systems so that communities, even in the world’s most water-stressed areas, are no longer threatened by waterborne illness.

Our work in water, sanitation, and hygiene takes us all over the world, including:

In the year following the earthquake in Haiti, we constructed 275 latrines and 82 showers, distributed 3,959 family hygiene kits, and distributed 21,654 bars of soap. When cholera came to Haiti, we established 7 cholera treatment centers, which treated more than 3,575 patients. We also educated 11,603 Haitians on cholera prevention to stop the deadly cycle of transmission.

We leveraged the access and trust gained among Somali refugees in the Liben zone of Ethiopia through an existing nutritional support program to train hundreds of community volunteers how to promote better nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation behaviors, and to equip local Water and Sanitation Committee members with the technical expertise required to construct badly-needed pit.

We are improving access to clean water for nearly 50,000 nomadic pastoralists in the remote, dry, northern district of Samburu, Kenya through a variety of activities such as establishing village water committees to manage and maintain wells, providing community water and hygiene education for family and schools, and constructing latrines for schools and families. Those working on the multi-year project have already rebuilt critical wells, protected a spring, built a water intake, and created school health clubs throughout the district.


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