Pilot:  Seek Out Science

Pilot: Seek Out Science

KPBS Television and Radio

Each year, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awards millions of dollars in grant-funded scientific research. Awardees, amongst other requirements, must exhibit plans to address how to create broader impact to the public of the activities they propose to undertake.

KPBS is currently working with the University of California San Diego and San Diego State University to create a ‘pilot project’ which will offer scientists an opportunity to create much greater exposure to their work through KPBS TV and Radio as well as by using the produced pieces on their own Web sites.  The pilot is just the beginning.  We feel once they see how great of an audience they can reach, and how fun and creative we can make science, other scientists will begin to include funding within their grant proposals for this type of public awareness and broader impact through KPBS.  

In addition to funding for the pilot, KPBS has also begun discussions with San Diego State University and the University of California to apply for the National Science Foundation Communicating Research to Public Audiences program funding. 

It will cost $25,000 to get the pilot off the ground and pay for related production costs.


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