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The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a private, nonprofit corporation, founded in 1969, whose members are America’s public television stations – non-commercial, educational licensees that operate more than 350 PBS member stations and serve all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa. 

PBS’ mission is to create content that educates, inspires, and informs. To do this, PBS offers programming that expands the minds of children; science and nature documentaries that open up new worlds;  non-commercialized news programs that keep citizens informed of events on the national and international stage;  and ongoing series that expose the American public to music, theater, dance, visual art, and folk art in all their richness and diversity. Each month PBS reaches nearly 125 million people through television and more than 29 million people online. 

Americans rely on PBS as a provider of no-cost access to programming that is both inspirational and educational, and regard it as a trusted institution. In 2014, for the eleventh year in a row, national research conducted by Harris Interactive and ORC Online Caravan confirmed that PBS ranks No. 1 in public trust among all organizations in the United States. 

For the past ten years the PBS Foundation has partnered with PBS and its member stations to advance the mission of public broadcasting in the United States. Established in 2004, the PBS Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) supporting organization whose goal is to seek, cultivate, and receive philanthropic gifts at the national level for public broadcasting as a whole. 

The PBS Foundation accepts and administers philanthropic gifts and grants on behalf of PBS and in support of its strategic plan. Our strategic priorities are focused on the following three areas.

Education & Children’s Programming 

Work in this area includes PBS KIDS – the undisputed leader in children’s media and television programming – and PBS LearningMedia, which provides high-quality preK-12 educational resources via the web to students and teachers throughout the country. 

The Arts 

Our goal in celebrating the arts online, on-air, and in the classroom is to enhance the quality of life of Americans of all ages; to promote enjoyment of and participation in the arts across a broad range of genres; to strengthen arts education; and to make the arts an interactive, ongoing experience for everyone.

News & Public Affairs

Considered the most trustworthy source for news and public affairs among all media, PBS seeks to provide Americans in communities across the country with the highest quality news and public affairs reporting. We intend to lead the way in setting standards for investigative journalism and digital news delivery, and to significantly grow our engaged audience base. 


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PBS Arts and Culture logo

PBS Arts and Culture

PBS Foundation

At a time when funding for music and the arts is at risk across the board, and especially in our schools, PBS and its member stations are committed to keeping the arts alive.

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PBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia

PBS Foundation

From the beginning, one of PBS highest priorities has been to offer educational media that helps prepare children for success in school and opens up the world for them in an age-appropriate way.

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PBS Endowment

PBS Foundation

The newly created PBS endowment represents an essential step toward our long-term goal of guaranteeing the financial security and operational stability of PBS and its member stations.

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