Library Renovations

Library Renovations

The American Library in Paris

The Library moved to its present quarters in 1964, which comprises a three-level space totaling 10,000 square feet, which is utilitarian, comfortable, brightly lit, and remarkably versatile given the size of our holdings, which by American library standards should require three times the space.

To keep pace with the growing use of the Library and the growing demand for its services, the Library underwent renovations during the Summer of 2011, re-orientating key elements inside its space resulting in:

•  A relocated and expanded two-level department of children and teenagers;

•  An expanded reading room, which also serves as the Library's setting for evening programs;

•  A new conference room to accommodate meetings, group study, reference briefings for students and other visitors to the Library - and book groups, which will now be free to operate any day of the week;

•  A new circulation desk area to better serve our users and our visitors;

•  Refurbished administrative offices.

This renovation was made possible by a special anonymous gift from a loyal Library donor and reflects Phase I in the transformation and modernization of our physical space.  Phase II of the refurbishment will enable us to complete a full refurbishment of the Library, to update and modernize the building for the existing and future demands placed upon it.   Phase II renovation will include:

•  A full refurbishment of a terrace roof, which covers a third of the Library space.  The 40-year-old roof is in need of full weatherproofing and refurbishment;

•  A new computerized access system with the ability to read membership cards and provide statistics of Library usage;

•  Renovated restrooms with facilities including a changing table and handicap access;

•  Painting, carpeting and lighting of the areas in the Library that were not included in the Phase I refurbishment.

The full cost of the Phase II refurbishment is €450,000 ($620,000).

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