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At a time when the Middle East is experiencing tremendous upheaval, Layalina Productions serves as a major, positive force, producing award winning television programming that is broadcast throughout the entire Middle East and North Africa region.  Our programs are designed for young people – to advance cross-cultural understanding, encourage dialogue, and promote constructive relationships.

Violent extremism is one of the most critical challenges facing our world today.  Layalina Productions, through the powerful medium of television, offers young Arabs positive alternatives that build better understanding and help reduce tensions between Americans and the Arab world.  We develop and produce informative and entertaining Arabic and English language programming that includes documentaries, reality series, and children’s educational shows that focus on some of the most critical issues in our world today, with specific emphasis on topics affecting U.S.-Arab relations.  Our broadcasts consistently reach an audience of tens of millions of viewers.  

Layalina also produces several publications, including Perspectives, a quarterly opinion piece authored by experts in the fields of public diplomacy and Arab media, and The Chronicle, which keeps our readers abreast of Layalina programming and current activities. 

Layalina Productions was created in the wake of 9/11 by Ambassador Richard Fairbanks, former Assistant Secretary of State and special negotiator for the Middle East peace process, who sought to greatly expand public diplomacy in the Arab world by providing a positive influence to the general public, via television.

Layalina’s bipartisan Board of Counselors consists of top foreign policy leaders in the United States, and for our programs we recruit top-level talent from the U.S. and the Arab world.  Our Academy® and Emmy® award-winning writers, producers, and directors, work alongside Arab and American television broadcasters and industry leaders to produce exceptionally high quality programming.

We have a proven track record -- over the past ten years, our programs have aired on leading Middle East stations, with extremely high ratings.  Most recently, our program On the Road in America was the second most watched prime time show in the Middle East region, beaten only by the Arab equivalent of American Idol.  


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Layalina Productions--Public Diplomacy Television

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Layalina Productions--Public Diplomacy Television

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