KPBS FM Radio Transmitter on Mt. Soledad

KPBS FM Radio Transmitter on Mt. Soledad

KPBS Television and Radio

After 15 years of work, KPBS has succeeded in gaining FCC approval to move its radio transmitter from Mt. San Miguel to Mt. Soledad. This will expand the audience dramatically as nearly 400,000 more people will gain access to hearing KPBS Radio. With an increase from 2.7 kilowatts of power to 26 kilowatts, the signal will fully cover San Diego County, including areas that previously had difficulty receiving the station. Areas in North County and the North Coastal region will now have full signal in and out of their cars and in their homes. The principal improvements and public benefits are as follows:

       1.  Expanded coverage contour and increased population within existing coverage area.

       2.  Significant “first” Public Radio service population - for listeners who haven’t been able to receive KPBS.

       3.  Improved signal levels over densely populated area - no more fluctuations in La Jolla and along the coast.

       4.  Location at dominant antenna farm (Mt. Soledad) reduced potential interference from strong signals.

The transmitter will be located in an existing building which will require new equipment. As the transmitter will be shared with other stations (KFMB, KBZT, KIFM, KYXY), KPBS has to construct a new antenna in order to maintain the other frequencies. 

This is a fantastic and long-lasting gift to the community because it will give 400,000 more people access to KPBS Radio.  It will also benefit KPBS in potential additional membership revenues, something critically required given our reduction of State and Federal support.

KPBS still needs $264,500 to complete the funding for this $1.2 million project. We have to date procured funding commitments, philanthropic pledges and a bequest totaling $935,500 toward this project.


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