inewsource provides the thoughtful, investigative journalism that has become endangered elsewhere. In most of the commercial media, news has changed. The "facts" often lack veracity, because no one checks them. The information can be incomplete, due to a lack of resources to properly investigate it. And the reports are often sensationalized, or muddied with opinion, conjecture and innuendo.  

Trustworthy information is required for a strong society. "Junk-food journalism" erodes truth and trust. It leaves people confused and unsure where to find trustworthy information on important issues. With garbage-in information, we get garbage-out decision making. You need inewsource to help you make good decisions as a citizen and hold your public officials accountable.

For five years, inewsource has restored integrity in news. The staff members are a new breed of investigative journalists grounded in old-school values:

  • Independent and nonprofit. They answer to accuracy, not advertisers.
  • Dedicated to neutrality. They provide facts in context and without opinion.
  • Collaborators, not competitors. The inewsource partnership with KPBS radio and television in San Diego is powerful and unique in the nation. 
  • Data-driven. They use quality data for investigations. They share that data so you can conduct your own research.
  • Credible and award-winning. inewsource has recently exposed the following issues with the following results: tax inequities, leading to audits and refunds; skyrocketing costs of end-of-life care, raising questions about how public dollars are spent; public safety shortfalls, spurring change in a transit agency; and political and financial connections, increasing government transparency.
  • Mentoring the next generation. Located on San Diego State University's campus, inewsource teaches and mentors the university's aspiring journalists by hiring interns and offering a course in investigative journalism.

Trustworthy investigative journalism is vital. It makes our leaders more accountable, our citizens more informed, and our democracy stronger. It’s the reason inewsource is an organization worth supporting.


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