Historic Building Signage

Historic Building Signage

Friends of Balboa Park

Project Goal:

Balboa Park’s unique history derives from its service to its community and its country through two World Wars and two Expositions, as well as varied Park uses in between and after these events. Hence, almost every building or site within the Park has had multiple uses. At the request/donation of the Kelley/Golden families, the Friends – in cooperation with Park Rangers – researched and installed a sign at the Lily Pond describing its fascinating, multifaceted uses since its construction in 1915. So great has been the interest and response to the sign that the Friends were inspired to create similar signs for each historic building and site constructed for the 1915 Exposition.  

Project Descripton:

Friends of Balboa Park will work with the Park Rangers and other appropriate City entities to create and approve language and fund the fabrication cost of signs describing the historical uses of the buildings and sites listed below:

Buildings and Landmarks:


Marston House

Golden Hill Foundation


Alcazar Garden

Balboa Park Carousel

Botanical Building

Cabrillo Bridge

California Building and Tower

Casa de Balboa

Casa del Prado

House of Charm

House of Hospitality

New Mexico Pavilion (Balboa Park Club)

Sefton Plaza and Guard House 

Park Administration Building (Museum of Man offices)


Project Budget:

$5,500 for each sign




Contact Information:

Friends of Balboa Park

  • 2125 Park Boulevard
    San Diego, 92101

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