Global Women's Health Fellowship

Global Women's Health Fellowship

Brigham and Women's Hospital

The Global Women's Health Fellowship, the only one of its kind in the US, is a two-year, interdisciplinary program that serves as a platform for collaborative global health work with governmental, nongovernmental, and outside agencies to promote educational initiatives and research that support advances in global women's health, both domesticaly and internationally.  It is a cross-collaborative program between and among the Connors Center for Women's Health at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard School of Public Health.

The mission of this program is to develop leaders in global women's health through education, research, and direct experience.  The Fellowship achieves its goals by preparing leaders through the develoment of academic, clinical, and administrative skills in global medicine, disaster and humanitarian response, war medicine, and areas specific to women's health including reproductive health and gender-based violence.

Our experience with and knowledge of these emergencies have revealed the lack of training programs for such leaders and a demonstrated need for physician leadership within the global community.

Our Fellows have:

•  Pioneered research methodologies which advanced the field of health and human rights in areas of conflict and disaster, including Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Nigeria, Darfur, Liberia, Hurricane Katrina communities, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

•  Headed up an emergency response team to set up a field hospital for over 3,000 patients and their families in post-earthquake Haiti.

•  Studied the effectiveness of Vitamin D supplements to prevent preeclampsia in Mongolia.

•  Developed family planning and emergency obstetric care protocols and a training plan for a tertiary hospital in rural Rwanda.

•  Helped design and conduct a clinical trial in Botswana, investigating the safety and efficacy of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) regimens initiated during pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding in HIV-infected women who did not require HAART for their own health (resulting in a lower mother-to-child HIV transmission and important changes to World Health Organization guidelines).

•  Worked with the Botswana Ministry of Health to reduce maternal mortality.

•  Worked with US Department of Defense to monitor and evaluate US, as well as Indonesian, civilian women's health progams.

The Fellowship is committed to advocacy, health, and well-being for the most deserving patients around the world and brings vision, creativity and tenacity to vexing global health challenges. 

A gift of $400,000 would fund two Global Women's Health Fellows for a two-year period, and will change the lives of women around the globe.

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