Extended School Partnership Program

Extended School Partnership Program

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s Extended School Partnership Program is designed to reinstate arts curriculum back into the classroom by bringing the classroom to the Museum.  By developing teachers’ ability to incorporate art objects into curriculum, MCASD provides a means for sustainable arts-based learning in the classroom and strengthens the role of the gallery as a learning environment.  The objectives of the ESP program include professional development, focused in the area of pedagogical object-based strategies, for two partnering teachers in the academic year, as well as gallery-based learning for approximately 120 high school students.  The program serves four art classes in the academic year, with approximately 30 students per class.  Students will visit the Museum once a week for 16 weeks during the ESP program semester.

The goals of the ESP program include:

*Increase the integration of arts-based learning into the middle and high school classroom by building teachers’ capacity to teach from objects.

*Increase K-12 educators’ use of MCASD galleries as teaching space that integrates with their classroom curriculum (as opposed to just a one-time field trip).

*Increase teachers’ ability to integrate object-based learning to enhance student-centered and project-based learning initiatives.

*Promote student perception of the museum as an inclusive and enjoyable space for everyone.

MCASD strongly believes in the power of arts-based learning for every student, regardless of socio-economic background.  In this fiscal year, MCASD will partner with King Chavez High School, a Title 1, public charter school that serves predominantly low income Latino and African-American students from Southeast San Diego.  The Museum also plans to renew its emphasis on professional development for teachers, enhancing the sustainability of the program and better aligning the program with the Museum’s mission to serve diverse audiences through the interpretation of contemporary art.  

At the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, we believe that art can play an integral part in every young person’s education – helping make them better students in other disciplines as well as more innovative and creative in their problem-solving.  It can also give them a sound cultural background upon which they can progress in their school careers.  We believe that if we can introduce young people to the vision of contemporary art and artists, we will help transform students into life-long museum-goers. Moreover, we can foster and develop new and better partnerships with educators and schools, serve as a model for the entire contemporary art field, and perform a function that is very much needed in our community.


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