Center for Neurotherapeutic Innovation (CNI)

Center for Neurotherapeutic Innovation (CNI)

Cleveland Clinic

Clinical trials are the only way to test drugs that is acceptable to the FDA and the only way to have new treatments approved for neurological diseases.  New better means of planning, conducting and analyzing clinical trials are urgently needed.  CNI will coordinate clinical trials for the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute and will bring together a multidisciplinary team of scientists whose skills are critical to advancing trial methodology and new treatments for brain disease.  The team will include informatics specialists, data management and database experts, brain imaging and biomarker experts, specialists in developing new trial technologies, and public policy related to trials.  This will create the only comprehensive Center in the U. S. devoted solely to clinical trials and new therapy development for central nervous system diseases. The principal goal of CNI is to advance drug testing to allow more treatments to reach patients faster.

Components of CNI will include:

Bioinformatics and data management unit

  • Study of instrument development
  • Analysis of data available from trials and public databases
  • Data management for trials and trial information

Clinical trial training and education unit

  • Training of personnel for sites participating in trials
  • On-going monitoring of the training needs of the sites
  • Development of curricula for trials and drug development
  • Development of electronic and print dissemination vehicles

Regulatory and policy unit

  • FDA policy expertise
  • Institutional aspects of clinical trial regulation and oversight
  • Legislation and public policy relevant to new CNS drug development and trials
  • Industry behavior and trends relevant to new CNS drug development, trials, and biomarkers

Brain imaging and biomarker unit

  • Best practices, acquisition sequences, data transmission
  • Data archiving
  • Data analysis and atlas construction

Technology solutions unit

  • Work with all the units to use technology solutions to enhance efficacy and accuracy
  • Develop new technologies applicable to trials (e-pads, etc.)
  • Enhance use of web-based solutions to data collection and information dissemination

We are seeking funding for CNI, for construction, program development and education endowment, including two endowed chairs to support research activities of outstanding investigators.

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