About Us

Great projects and causes are in abundance.  But they can't be funded unless they are found.

Find to Fund provides a web-based forum where serious philanthropists and their advisors can consider a wide range of curated philanthropic initiatives proposed by some of the most distinguished not-for-profit public institutions.  The site was created to facilitate the connection between those seeking funding and those seeking intriguing initiatives and causes to fund. 

If an initiative or project appears interesting, the philanthropist may want to take the next step and learn more about a project and an institution by employing the information provided to our website by institutional sponsors, and by using the associated contact capability.  Find to Fund provides the introduction to a specific individual within, what is often times, a large not-for-profit institution, so that the philanthropist can start a conversation with the right person about a project of interest.  The potential donor can make an inquiry, knowing that this approach is welcome, and indeed, encouraged by the institution.       

The institutions shown on Find to Fund have been invited to present projects on the site based on a number of factors.  These include their prominence and reputation in a particular area of philanthropy, the type, content, and general interest of their programs, geographical location, the opinions of national and local expersts, as well as other factors.  We have made site visits to most, if not all, of the organizations listed on the site.

The Founder, CEO, and Chief Curator of Find to Fund, Inc. is Thomas E. K. Cerruti, who is a former foundation executive and board member of numerous private and public foundations and other not-for-profit institutions.  He was President, CEO and Trustee of The Skaggs Institute for Research, President of the Grants Committee of the ALSAM Foundation (Chicago), and founding Trustee and Secretary of the Geraldine and Emory Ford Foundation.

Mr. Cerruti's participation on the boards of prestigious public institutions has included Scripps Clinic (Chair), The Scripps Research Institute (Trustee, member Executive Committee), Graduate Theological Union, and public foundations supporting public schools, historic preservation and social welfare agencies.   A lawyer and a former managing member of a large western law firm where his practice included corporate law and philanthropy, Mr. Cerruti is also a farmer, is active in public lands issues, and is a decorative arts specialist.