"A Way With Words"

"A Way with Words" is more than a public radio program about why we say the things we do. It's an examination of history, culture, and family, explored through the lens of language. 

This popular, weekly call-in show features conversations about word origins, regional dialects, slang, linguistic diversity, grammar, writing well, and that weird expression Grandma used to use. 

The program is independently produced by our not-for-profit 501(c)3 entity, Wayword, Inc, which means it receives no funding from National Public Radio or any other media organization. The show is supported solely by individuals and organizations who are passionate about lifelong learning and better communication. Wayword Inc. makes "A Way with Words" available to public radio stations nationwide and online by podcast.

"A Way with Words" is heard in more than 230 cities across North America, broadcasting to more than 250,000 listeners a week. Since November 2007, episodes of the show have been downloaded more than 5 million times. 

Through its educational mission, Wayword Inc., which independently produces and distributes the show, is changing the way America talks and thinks about language. The show's two hosts, Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, are nationally recognized language experts.

The radio show was born and nurtured at KPBS, the NPR member station in San Diego. Then, in 2007, the producer and hosts of the show took over all aspects of the production, soon growing its audience to many times its former size and making it truly a national show. The team's mission of language education and lifelong learning for our devoted, highly engaged audience has continued uninterrupted.

We've found new distribution systems for our radio broadcasts and podcasts, dramatically expanded the number of public-radio stations regularly carrying the show, and developed a thriving following through our combined social media. In addition, the show's hosts now regularly do community outreach through public lectures, classroom visits, and other speaking engagements.

There's a deep and unmet hunger for information about the English language. The 15,000+ emails and phone calls the show receives from listeners each year confirms that. 

We're proud of what we've accomplished so far with the support of like-minded individuals. We're now ready to build on our successes, expand the show's audience to more cities, and provide even more service to a larger, growing community of listeners who share our passion about the benefits of lifelong learning.


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